Filtering with RSQL queries

You can use the 'where' query parameter to filter results.

Some resources, including eventApiProducts and applicationRegistrations, include a where query parameter to provide a query string for filtering entities. The query string is expressed in FIQL/RSQL language.

  • To filter on document properties, use:
  • Query sub-elements using dot notation. For example matches all plans where the name starts with Gold. This also applies to querying nested arrays.
  • Queries on attributes where the name and the value must match specific criteria can be expressed by grouping the name and value search criteria:
    matches all objects where the value of attribute color is red.
  • Queries on a combination of attributes are also possible:
    (;attributes.value==Bl_);(;attributes.value==_Berry) only matches documents where color starts with Bl and the flavour attribute ends in berry.

See for details of the supported query operators and syntax.


applicationRegistrations/{registrationId}/accessRequests) does NOT currently support the where query parameter