Legacy v0/v1 REST APIs for PubSub+ Cloud

PubSub+ Cloud has v0 and v1 APIs that are in the process of being modernized to our v2 framework. As new v2 APIs that provide v0/v1 API functionality become available, we encourage you to use our v2 APIs when possible because they closely follow set standards, have full reference documentation, and have consistent interfaces and usage.

Accessing Information for v0/v1 REST APIs

You may want to use the legacy APIs in situations where there is not yet a v2 REST API to fulfill the functionality you require. To find information about our legacy v0/v1 APIs, see:

Some of the v2 APIs are in transition to pages on this website. The information is temporarily available at the following locations:

Using Legacy v0/v1 with v2 REST APIs

In general, you can mix usage of different API versions in your application except for Event Portal APIs. Event Portal APIs align with the version of Event Portal you are using. For example, if you're using Event Portal 2.0, you must use only Event Portal v2 APIs.