Create a clone of an existing event broker service

Create a clone of an existing event broker service.

You must specify the unique identifiers of the event broker service in the URL and the datacenter in the request body. By default, the name of the new service is the name of the specified event broker service with " - Clone" appended to the name. When the event broker service that you clone has deletion protection enabled ('locked' is ‘true’), the new event broker service also has deletion protection enabled. If service creation fails during the clone process, deletion protection is disabled ('locked' is 'false') and allows you to delete the failed service.

Cloning copies the Rest Delivery Endpoints, but disables them. You must re-enable the endpoints after creating the cloned service.

This endpoint does not clone:

  • The custom hostname (or custom domain hostnames)
  • Bridge configuration
  • Event mesh configuration (Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) configuration)
  • Distributed tracing configuration
  • Event Broker Service Single Sign-on (SSO) configuration (OAuth profiles)
  • The router name for the event broker service
  • Server certificates

Optionally, you can set the service connection endpoint settings as they are not cloned from the specified service.

Token Permissions: [ `services:post` ]
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