SEMP Objects

The SEMP proxy API is based on SEMP (Solace Element Management Protocol). SEMP is a RESTful API used to configure, monitor, and administer event brokers using their manageable resources. Resources are individual objects, collections of objects, or actions.

For an introduction to SEMP see SEMP in the customer documentation. For more detailed SEMP API information see the SEMP reference on the PubSub+ documentation site.

Collection resources

Collections are unordered lists of objects (unless described otherwise) described by JSON arrays. Each item in the array represents an individual object. The configuration APIs create new objects using collection resources.

Object and Action resources

Objects are composed of attributes, actions, collections, and other objects. A JSON object is used to describe Objects using name/value pairs. This JSON object does not contain the collections and actions of an object. Instead, it includes an attribute containing a URI pointing to the collection and actions. The API uses the URI to manage the resources. Every object has one more identifying attributes and its own URI attribute, which contains the URI pointing to itself.

Actions are composed of attributes. A JSON object is used to describe Actions in name/value pairs. Unlike objects, Actions are not members of a collection and cannot be retrieved, only performed. Actions only exist in the SEMP RESTful action API.