Using PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs

The PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs provide a mechanism for you to programmatically work with PubSub+ Cloud.

You can use the v2 REST APIs in PubSub+ Cloud for various operations.


Looking for other API docs?

For information about v0 and v1 REST APIs, see Legacy v0/v1 REST APIs for PubSub+ Cloud.

For information about the PubSub+ SEMP REST API, see SEMP API Reference in the PubSub+ documentation website.

Specifying the Correct Base URL for REST API Endpoints

All REST API endpoints have a base URL portion. Depending on which PubSub+ Home Cloud your account is located determines the base URL you use.

All examples in this documentation set use the Home Cloud based in the United States. Here's a summary of the different URLs for each regional site that you can use for the REST API.

Regional SiteREST API Base URL
United States

Using the REST APIs for PubSub+ Cloud

When you want to use the REST APIs, your client applications must have connectivity to access the base URLs. If your applications run within a private network, you may need to set up networking to permit access to the Solace Home Cloud. For more information about the URLs, see Specifying the Correct Base URL for REST API Endpoints.

Here are the basics to use the REST API for PubSub+ Cloud:

  • Create an API token. The REST APIs use Bearer Token authentication. For more information, see Authentication.
  • The documentation on this site allows you to see the v2 REST API endpoints that are available.
  • All calls run in the context of the account (organization) where the API token was created. For example, if you are retrieving the list of users, you can only retrieve the list of users for the account where the API token was created. If your user profile can access multiple accounts, ensure you use the correct API token for the account where you want to perform the operation.
  • As you use the API calls, you can:
    • Filter and paginate the results when you use GET operations. For more information, see Filtering and Pagination.
    • You may encounter errors. To better understand the various response codes and error codes, see Error Handling.
  • The REST APIs include all methods at various levels of development from General Availability to Early Access. To understand more about how we specify the versions, see Versioning.

Accessing the OpenAPI Spec for the REST APIs

You can access the OpenSpec definitions for many of the v2 REST APIs from here.